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July 22, 2017

STT The Ugly Duckling 12 noon Reservation Request

Grades K–5

the-ugly-ducklingTuesday, February 21, 2017—12 noon

It’s hard being different! The ugly duckling is the child of a swan whose egg accidentally rolled into a duck’s nest. When the strange egg showed up in Mama Duck’s nest and hatched, a very ugly duckling was born. This little duckling is perceived by the other ducklings as a homely little creature and does not “fit in.” He soon realizes that he must learn to love himself before he can discover who he really is. This story is beloved around the world as a tale about personal transformation for the better.

Thematic Connections:  Fairy Tale, Fable, Language Arts, Diversity, Relationships and Family.

Core Content for Assessment & Common Core State Standards:  DA:Cr1.1kA, DA:Cr2.1kA, DA:Cr3.1kA, DA:Cr4.1kA, DA:Re8.1.2,  MA:Re7.1.k, MA:Re7.1.1, MA:Re7.1.2, MA:Re7.1.3, MA:Re7.1.4, TH:Cr1.1.K, TH:Cr1.1.1, TH:Cr1.1.2, TH:Cr1.1.3,   TH:Re8.1.K, TH:Re8.1.1,  TH:Re8.1.2, TH:Re8.1.3, TH:Cn10.1.K, TH:Cn10.1.1, TH:Cn10.1.2, TH:Cn10.1.3, TH:Cn11.2.K, TH:Cn11.2.1, TH:Cn11.2.K, TH:Cn11.2.1, TH:Cn11.2.2, TH:Cn11.2.3, TH:Pr6.1.K, TH:Pr6.1.1, TH:Pr6.1.2, TH:Pr6.1.3, TH:Re7.1.K, TH:Re7.1.1, TH:Re7.1.2, TH:Re7.1.3.


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STT The Ugly Duckling 12 noon

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If paying by credit card, please phone (606) 677-6000.
Otherwise, please make check payable to (and mail with order form to):

The Center for Rural Development
Attn: School Time Theatre
2292 South HWY 27, Suite 300
Somerset, KY 42501

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