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September 25, 2022

Big News in Casey County

Liberty beautification project, downtown Liberty, Casey County

Downtown beautification in Liberty, Ky

Many new and exciting things are happening in Casey County, Kentucky!  People in the  county have been working on beautification projects like the one seen here.  These roadside gardens make for a beautiful drive through downtown and add so much to the overall landscape of the city.

In addition to many people working to help make Casey County more appealing to the eyes, others are working hard to ensure the County is meeting essential needs such as clean drinking water.  With the help of the staff at the local ADD district, Casey County’s leadership applied for a grant through the state of Kentucky.  Their hard work certainly paid off, ending in a very important visit from Jane Beshear, wife of Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear.  Mrs. Beshear recently visited Liberty to present at $950,000 check for the purchase of a new and desperately-needed water tower.  The new water tower is absolutely crucial to the people of the county as the old ones are deteriorating at a rapid pace.  Community  and state leaders all joined to welcome Mrs. Beshear and celebrated the grant money award. 

Bread of Life Cafe, Casey County, Liberty, KY

The Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, KY

For me, the celebration continued.  After all, I could not possibly visit Casey County without eating at The Bread of Life Cafe.  This Cafe is unique for many reasons.  For one, it is supported largely through community donations to serve people with special needs.  You can always find a buffet full of great eats, but my favorite item on the menu is the Marinated Mushroom Melt.  This sandwich is absolutely delicious and includes grilled chicken, marinated mushrooms, and swiss cheese on a beautifully buttered roll.  To make things even better, I added a side of creamy mashed potatoes and gravy.  I highly recommend you stop by the Bread of Life Cafe if you are ever anywhere close to Liberty, Ky.  You will NOT regret it.

All in all, I was very encouraged by the activities in Casey County.  Their leadership has proven that a little bit of hard work can go a very long way in helping our communities.

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