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The Center for Rural Development’s web development team has designed a new website for Eastern Kentucky PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment), one of The Center’s affiliate organizations, that’s more interactive and user-friendly for viewers.

The website, which launched in June, prominently features some of today’s top social media platforms—including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—more news about PRIDE and what’s happening within its 38-county service area, and an up-to-date calendar listing of PRIDE Spring Cleanup and Roadside events.

Viewers can also sign up for PRIDE’s electronic mailing list directly from the new site. The website puts viewers in touch with everything that’s going on with PRIDE and its volunteers scattered across Southern and Eastern Kentucky. View PRIDE’s gallery of photos on Flickr to see what PRIDE volunteers are doing to clean up the region and keep it free of litter and debris. To check out the new site go to