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Larry Hayes

Larry Hayes, secretary of the Economic Development Cabinet

How would you enhance Kentucky’s economic development efforts if unlimited resources were available?

Last week, I attended a strategic planning meeting in Corbin, Kentucky where questions such as the one above were asked. The meeting, hosted by Kentucky’s Economic Development Cabinet, served as a brainstorming session for ways to improve economic development in Kentucky. Over 100 community members, business people, elected officials, and concerned citizens joined together to answer important questions concerning the state of our Commonwealth. Undoubtedly, everyone present began to dream very big dreams for the place we call home.

Larry Hayes, secretary of the Economic Development Cabinet, facilitated the program and organized many of the ideas mentioned. These thoughts, he explained, will be used to formulate a strategic plan that will be implemented over the next five years. The event was organized in a Q&A format with audience members voicing their opinions on each issue.

We all know that the people of our region are special. But just in case you needed a bit more convincing, I saw proof of this in action at this meeting. You see, the facilitators held many of these meetings all over the Commonwealth—from Western Kentucky to Louisville to Lexington. The meeting in Corbin, however, had twice the attendance of any other location in the state! People in our region are truly passionate about making positive changes.

If you would like to share your opinions, as a resident of Kentucky, you can visit and participate in the resident survey. It is crucial to dream big dreams and make an impact in our area of the world.