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 Nearly 40 chiefs, sheriffs, and command officers present for the Fall 2011 Rural Law Enforcement Technology Institute today participated in a law enforcement demonstration day at the Bay Bridge Airport near Annapolis, MD.

Activities included demonstrations of a low-cost firearms simulator, flights in light-sport aircraft used in the NLECTC Law Enforcement Aviation Program, and visits at informational booths, including the FBI’s eGuardian system.

The Institute is hosted by the Small, Rural, Tribal and Border Regional Center, a Public Safety program operated by The Center for Rural Development.

SRTB-RC is one of the centers in the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) system. SRTB-RC focuses specifically on working with the approximately 17,000 small and rural agencies across the nation with 50 sworn officers or less.

For more information on SRTB-RC, click here.

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