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Nearly 800 Pulaski students attend EGAT Day

By March 2, 2012No Comments

 From creative writing to stone carving art, approximately 800 elementary, middle, and high school students in Pulaski County’s Gifted and Talented Program explored their creative side at EGAT (Exploring Gifts and Talents) Day on March 1 at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset.

EGAT encourages students to pursue their talents and explore new interests by participating in hands-on interactive workshops taught by professionals.

The featured entertainment of the day included a live concert performance by “Transit,” an a cappella group from Raleigh, North Carolina. The five-member band creates all of the musical instruments heard on stage, including drums, bass guitars, trumpet, harmonica, and more, simply by using their voices.

All of the students in the program have been identified by Pulaski County School District as gifted in the areas of creativity (creative writing), leadership, visual arts, music, dance, and drama.

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