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Click here to make tax-deductible contributions to the Eastern Kentucky Tornado Rebuilding Fund.


   Click here to make tax-deductible contributions to the East KY Tornado Relief Fund.



In response to the devastating tornadoes that hit Eastern Kentucky last month, The Center for Rural Development is partnering with Blue Grass Community Foundation and Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky—two of its Appalachian Rural Development Philanthropy Initiative (ARDPI) partners—to help tornado victims rebuild their lives.

Blue Grass Community Foundation has established the Eastern Kentucky Tornado Rebuilding Fund. The fund is designed to support long-term rebuilding efforts in Eastern Kentucky counties declared federal disaster areas. Grants from the fund will be overseen by a committees made up of local residents in the affected counties.

Additionally, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is hosting the East KY Tornado Relief Fund. Contributions made to the fund will help support immediate and long-term efforts in neighboring communities.

“We encourage everyone to make contributions to first responders like the Bluegrass Chapter of the American Red Cross and other agencies that are working so hard to meet immediate emergency needs,” said Blue Grass Community Foundation President/CEO Lisa Adkins. “We also ask donors to look ahead as victims of the disaster begin to rebuild their lives and their towns in the months to come.”

“Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is proud to host the East KY Tornado Relief Fund,” added executive director Gerry Roll. “This fund will provide assistance and relief to our family, friends, and neighbors across the region.”

The Center for Rural Development’s ongoing partnership with Blue Grass Community Foundation and Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky in the Appalachian Rural Development Philanthropy Initiative (ARDPI) made it easy for the Somerset-based economic development organization to endorse these new funds, according to Center President and CEO Lonnie Lawson.

“We believe in the mission, reach, and effectiveness of Blue Grass Community Foundation and Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, so it was natural that we would lend our support to this cause as we sought a way for The Center to get involved,” Lawson said.

“We feel everyone across the region and our great commonwealth should take the opportunity to contribute to funds that will help Eastern Kentuckians who experienced such catastrophic loss take the steps needed to rebuild their lives and communities.”

Lonnie Lawson, president and CEO
The Center for Rural Development

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Eastern Kentucky Tornado Rebuilding Fund, click here. Or send a check to the Eastern Kentucky Tornado Rebuilding Fund, 250 W. Main, Ste. 1220, Lexington KY 40507.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to the East KY Tornado Relief Fund, click here. Or send a check to the East KY Tornado Relief Fund, P.O. Box 310, Chavies, KY 41727.

Blue Grass Community Foundation encourages a culture of giving by connecting donors to the critical local causes they care about.  We have a long-standing tradition of serving counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky. To learn more about this community foundation, contact Lisa Adkins at or 859-225-3343. Please help Blue Grass Community Foundation spread the word. Go to and share the link.

Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky was created in 2002  to promote philanthropy in the rural region of Southeastern Kentucky.  With support from the local community and regional leaders, Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky has established itself as a regional community foundation headquartered in the heart of southeastern Kentucky’s distressed Appalachian Counties.

The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky is working to build the capacity of individual leaders, organizations, and the community as a whole to develop and work strategically toward economic goals vital to helping Appalachian communities reach socioeconomic parity with the nation.  The foundation fosters broad citizen involvement by supporting the development of strategic planning, creating a culture of philanthropy and strengthening collaborations among business, government, and nonprofits. To learn more about this community foundation, contact Gerry Roll at or 606-439-1357. Please help Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky spread the word. Go to and share the link.

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