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Nature photographer Charline Marrinan

This is the final week to view an exhibit by nature photographer Charline Marrinan on display at The Center for Rural Development.

The exhibit, entitled “Spirit of Nature,” showcases some of Marrinan’s most photographed areas in Pulaski and McCreary counties and other scenic places, including wildflower walks in the Great Smoky Mountains.

“Charline’s photographs capture the magnificent beauty of nature,” said Dianna Winstead, associate director of arts, culture, and events at The Center. “She has a natural gift and talent for bringing the spirit of nature to life in her photos.”

The exhibit, on display in the front lobby and along the wall outside the north exhibit hall, is presented by Lake Cumberland Performing Arts in partnership with The Center.

Marrinan, one of the area’s leading nature photographers, has been featured on KET-TV’s “Kentucky Life” series hosted by Dave Shuffett.

“Charlene is known for her personal story and her beautiful photography. Her testimony has been the inspiration and hope for so many people who have faced difficult challenges in their lives.
Charline’s mother Pam Marrinan

“The Spirit of Nature exhibit is so much more for Charline than an exhibit of her photographs,” she added. “It shows that God has truly blessed her in a special way.”

All of the photographs showcased in the exhibit represent what Charline Marrinan sees through her camera lens and have not been edited with photo-enhancing software tools.

The exhibit will be on display through Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and during extended evening hours when The Center is open to the public for special events. There is no charge to view the visual arts exhibit.

The Center is located at 2292 South U.S. 27 (at Traffic Light 15) in Somerset.

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