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Three years ago, Noah Campbell of Mt. Vernon weighed more than 200 pounds, was taking insulin treatments, and suffered severe pain in his knees.

Now, at age 74, Campbell has lost more than 25 pounds, no longer needs insulin, and rarely suffers knee pain.

Thanks to a strict diet monitored by his wife Peggy and a physical fitness and exercise program through Body Recall Inc., the Rockcastle County vegetable farmer is able to continue to do many of the things he enjoys in life.  

“I wouldn’t be able to do half of the things I am doing now on the farm,” he said, “if it were not for Body Recall.”

Campbell and other students from the Body Recall fall recovery demonstration team were at The Center for Rural Development last week to show what they can do and have been able to accomplish through a series of simple, pain-free exercises.

“Our instructors are trained to make exercise fun and involve the entire body in the exercise,” said Carolyn Wallace, a Body Recall instructor for 27 years. “We have worked with all age groups, from preschoolers to people over 100 years old.”

Body Recall, a nonprofit organization based in Berea, Ky., and a finalist in the 2012 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards (EIEA) program, has been a leader in advancing the cause of health, wellness, and lifetime fitness for over 30 years. The nationally recognized organization is a pioneer in designing and teaching fitness and flexibility training programs for older adults, special needs populations, and youth.

Additionally, Body Recall  is the only exercise program that includes fall prevention and fall recovery techniques as part of its core curriculum.

Body Recall students demonstrated some of those techniques on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at a fall prevention and fall recovery seminar in Somerset presented by Body Recall executive director Jeff Rubin in partnership with The Center.

Somerset Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility provided a complimentary light lunch for all of the participants.