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The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), led by The Center for Rural Development, is offering tuition-free training focused on aiding government officials and emergency responders in developing plans to ensure continuity of essential government functions in emergency situations.

A ruined wheelchair sits in a home that was damaged when flood waters engulfed the town of Leaf River, IL. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

A ruined wheelchair sits in a home that was damaged when flood waters engulfed the town of Leaf River, IL. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

MGT 403 Response Planning for People with Access and Functional Needs in Rural Communities is an eight-hour course delivered by NorthWest Arkansas Community College.  The course enables participants to recognize and plan adequate strategies and procedures to ensure each distinct component of the community is considered.

History demonstrates that disasters and emergencies often interrupt, degrade, or destroy local government’s ability to perform essential functions. This is especially true in rural communities where resources are typically limited under the best of circumstances.

When planning for a catastrophe, all components of the community needs to be considered.  There are some who are unable to adequately manage their own part in an emergency management plan without some degree of assistance from others.  When a disaster strikes, what are the plans for the elderly or children?  What are the plans for those in nursing homes or other types of assisted-living facilities?  All of these and more should be considered before the catastrophe occurs.

Visit to learn more about PER 294 Testing and Emergency Operations Plan in Rural Emergency Operations Center and other courses offered by RDPC.

All training delivered by RDPC is certified by DHS and is offered tuition-free for a broad scope of stakeholders, including the traditional emergency response disciplines, and other emergency support functions as defined by the National Response Framework, as well as critical infrastructure owners and operators.

About RDPC
RDPC-LogoRDPC is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Training and Education Division (NTED) partnership of academic institutions with a vision of creating an environment wherein rural communities across America will have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to enhance the safety, security and quality of life for their citizens.

Current members of the Consortium include Eastern Kentucky University, The University of Findlay, NorthWest Arkansas Community College, North Carolina Central University, and the University of California-Davis. Each of these institutions possesses extensive and unique capabilities relating to rural homeland security preparedness training.

The Center for Rural Development, located in Somerset, Ky., is the executive agent for the RDPC. As executive agent, The Center provides grant administration and general oversight of the consortium.   Additionally, The Center is responsible for marketing, website hosting and administration, delivery coordination, data collection and reporting, and additional technologies including a large network of interactive television (ITV), videoconferencing, and learning management systems necessary to manage large student populations and deliver courses to rural responders across the nation.