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Would you know what to do in the event of a mass fatality in your community?

RDPC provides free DHS-certified training for rural first responders

iStock_000006220072SmallThe Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), led by The Center for Rural Development, is offering tuition-free training designed to prepare rural first responders on how to manage a mass fatality incident impacting their jurisdiction.

Catastrophic disasters often impact rural areas and the human cost can be very high. In these times of crisis, small, rural communities are often ill-equipped with facilities to manage large numbers of causalities. When the time comes, communities must be prepared to use available resources in order to properly manage the remains that will result.

The AWR 232 Mass Fatalities Planning course makes it easier for emergency responders to be prepared for such events. The course gives participants the basics of mass fatality response while providing the opportunities to exchange rural perceptions and brainstorm solutions to simulated emergencies.

Participants will learn both in a classroom-lecture setting and through group activities. Regardless of the agencies or organizations that respond, whether they are governmental agencies or private or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the responsibility to coordinate and manage these outside resources rests with local authorities making this training a valuable asset in learning more about planning and response.

The course will assist participants in defining a mass fatality incident; listing the types of mass fatalities incidents and possible scenarios in their respective jurisdictions; identifying the principle duties and objectives of a rural community following a mass fatality event; identifying possible locations that may be utilized during a mass fatality response; and designating the stakeholders involved and resources needed in the response.

Registration information
To request the AWR 232 training – visit

All training delivered by RDPC is certified by DHS and is offered tuition-free for a broad scope of stakeholders, including the traditional emergency response disciplines, and other emergency support functions as defined by the National Response Framework, as well as critical infrastructure owners and operators.


About RDPC
The Center for Rural Development (The Center) in Somerset, KY is the Executive Agent for the RDPC.  As Executive Agent, The Center provides grant administration and general oversight of the consortium.   Additionally, The Center is responsible for marketing, website hosting and administration, delivery coordination, data collection and reporting, and additional technologies including a large network of interactive television (ITV), videoconferencing, and learning management systems necessary to manage large student populations and deliver courses to rural responders across the nation.

The RDPC help desk is also available at or (877) 855-7372.