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The Center offers customized business training

By May 1, 2017No Comments

Kim Wilson-Lucas completed Excel training through the Business and Community Training Center at The Center for Rural Development.

The Center for Rural Development offers a variety of different workforce training options to businesses throughout its service area with the Business and Community Training Center (BCTC). One of the advantages of the training center is that it offers extensive customized training.

The Center stands ready to provide solutions to move businesses ahead in this highly competitive business environment with critical training for employees through its training center. In order to do that, businesses sometimes have to look at training from a unique approach.

“Not every business is the same,” said Patti Simpson, Business and Community Training Manager, at The Center for Rural Development. “Each business has its own unique obstacles and challenges. In order to assist businesses with their training needs, we sometimes have to meet with them one on one. We discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We look for the areas that they need the most help in.”

The BCTC mainly focuses on workforce and career training. They offer instructor-led, in-person training courses that help businesses meet their needs. The classes are usually taught in a one-day format. However, with customized training, they will work with businesses to develop a training plan over a period of time.

“These courses help students build the soft skills they need to set themselves apart from their peers,” Simpson said. “I’ve seen it really transform how employees succeed on the job. If a business invests in its employees, it makes a difference in the overall success of an organization.”

The BCTC offers regular courses each month, but businesses can contact them to develop their own training plan. Kim Wilson-Lucas completed a Microsoft Excel class last month.

“I have gained a world of knowledge taking the Excel classes offered through The Center for Rural Development,” Lucas said.

Course topics include leadership, communication, entry-level management, computer literacy, sales, customer service and more.

“One of the unique things about our training center is that we don’t limit customers to a certain type of class,” Simpson said. “If we are working with a business, we search for courses that would best benefit their needs. If they need a certain type of training, we look for ways to bring it to them.”

To learn more about The Center’s training center or about the possibility of financial assistance, contact Patti Simpson at 606-677-6000 or visit