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Reprinted with permission from the Kentucky Communications Network Authority

KentuckyWired Installs Broadband ‘Hut’ in Maysville

The Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) has installed a “hut” next to Maysville Community and Technical College.  The hut is part of KentuckyWired’s high-speed fiber optic cable network being installed in every county in Kentucky.

State Senator Stephen West said, “I am pleased to congratulate Maysville and Mason County on the new KentuckyWired hut that will serve as a critical piece of infrastructure for the city and county alike. High-speed internet connectivity is crucial to a prosperous economic climate, and I look forward to the positive impact this project will have on our region.”

The huts, which are being placed throughout the Commonwealth, will be the connection point for all state government offices, universities, community colleges, libraries, and internet service providers for Mason county and surrounding areas.

“The KentuckyWired project has the potential to be a game-changer for our region and the Commonwealth, so I definitely appreciate the addition of this hut and the boost it will bring to our broadband speed and access,” said State Representative John Sims.  “Faster internet is becoming an increasingly crucial component of almost everything – from education and law enforcement to economic development and government– so this hut takes us a step closer to bringing the level of internet service everyone in Kentucky needs and deserves.”

The hut is 15 feet wide, 22 feet long, and 9 feet high and was placed on the northwest corner of the Maysville Community and Technical College campus, along with a generator.

KentuckyWired will enhance the speed and efficiency of state government agencies and bring an economic boost to the Commonwealth as its middle mile network becomes available to the private sector.  It will also enhance healthcare, education, cellular phone service, and enrich the lives of all citizens of Kentucky. The first portion of the KentuckyWired network is expected to be functional in 2019.