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Loutre Wedding Hi Friends!

I’m McKinzie Loutre, the Events Coordinator here at The Center for Rural Development. Many of you may not be aware, but we offer a full range of wedding consultation services to help couples plan and coordinate every last detail leading up to their special day. In our third Wednesday Wedding Wisdom of 2017, I’m going to give all newly engaged couples some insider tips on what I would do differently if planning my wedding again.

Photo left: McKinzie on her wedding day, at The Center for Rural Development.



If I Could Do It All Again…

I think it is human nature to look back on specific moments in life and wish things would have gone a different way. And yes, there are specific things about my wedding that I wish I could have changed. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with weddings at The Center—so maybe my advice and insights can help other brides not make some of the same mistakes I did. As I’ve been recently working with some 2018 brides, I’ve thought to myself “if I could do it all again I would have…”

  • …not planned a wedding in 3 months.
  • …saved more money.
  • …taken more pictures with specific family members, and planned more specific shots instead of solely relying on the photographers ideas.
  • …budgeted for hair and makeup to come to us so that I could have enjoyed more time with the bridal party and not have my Maid-of-Honor stress over getting me ready.
  • …paid for a wedding video! We had so many pictures, but a video would have been a beautiful tribute and something I would love to have now to look back on.
  • …included more French wedding-traditions and culture to accommodate my husband’s family and heritage.
  • …paid more attention at the rehearsal so that the ceremony could have gone a bit smoother.
  • …practiced our first dance—we sort of winged it, and I wish we would have done something a bit more special.
  • …slowed down the time for the day! It went way too quickly.

Overall, I loved every minute of my wedding day! I think the best advice I received was to go into it with no expectations. Both the unforeseen and unexpected are bound to happen, but you’ll still love it anyway.

From This Moment Bridal Show on Jan 27

We would also like to invite you to our bridal show “From This Moment”, on January 27, 2018, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. You will have exclusive access to a wide variety of vendors and services for your big day! Brides plus one guest are only $5!! Check out our event page for more details for follow us on for vendor announcements and emerging details.

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