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 Loutre Wedding Hi Friends!

I’m McKinzie Loutre, the Events Coordinator here at The Center for Rural Development. Many of you may not be aware, but we offer a full range of wedding consultation services to help couples plan and coordinate every last detail leading up to their special day. In our fourth Wednesday Wedding Wisdom of 2017, I’m going to look at how the number of guests you have at your wedding will dictate everything else, and therefore, have the biggest impact on your wedding budget!

Photo left: McKinzie on her wedding day, at The Center for Rural Development.



Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2018 

It’s 2018! Which means an influx of fresh wedding ideas for the newly engaged or mid-planning brides.  We’ve got an insider scoop to the colors and stylized details, emerging themes, unique foods, and interactive entertainment that are bursting onto the industry scene. Get your Pinterest boards ready and take a look at our top 5 wedding trends of 2018!


1. Small Bridal Parties

Overall, the weddings taking shape for 2018 are getting smaller. With couples opting to for more intimate gatherings, they are cutting the guest list and the bridal party! Snipping the maids and men to one or two and making sure that those involved are truly the friends and family that matter most. This also cuts the wedding budget considerably, meaning extra cash to spend on amazing details.

2. Dark Colors, Texture, and a “Rustic” Upgrade 

An emerging 2018 theme is no longer called “rustic.” Elements and details used this year have steered away from the barn look to a more “woodsy” feel. This means darker, moody colors are bursting onto the scent with rich textured linens and floral accents. Take note that purples such as lilac, wine, lavender, and mauve will adorn many bridal parties, tabletop décor, and floral arrangements. 2018 will move away from the burlap and integrate more wooden details with copper and bronze accents.

3. Return to Formality

Although the idea of a “woodsy” theme is popular, this doesn’t make the event a casual affair. Couples are going back to formal weddings with cleaner floral designs, classic tuxedos, and a hint of whimsy. It’s all about the drama in 2018!

4. New Ways to Entertain Guests

For 2018 couples it’s very much about creating an incredible experience for guests. It’s not just about the couple anymore, it’s about who their guests are and what they mean to them. From creative food choices, music, and photo booths, to after-parties and epic room blocks for the out-of-towners; weddings are becoming an all-inclusive event.

5. Unique Foods 

As mentioned in a previous blog post, unique food experiences are becoming a priority. Guests are being presented exciting food choices including, interactive food stations, farm-to-dinner tables, and food trucks. Not to mention that dessert tables over the traditional last course are becoming more prevalent. Choosing between cheesecakes, meringues, flavorful cookie variations, doughnuts, and so much more, guests are really able to experiment with their taste buds. What’s not to love about more dessert?!

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