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The Center and Volta provide Managed Security Services to KCTCS

By December 10, 2019No Comments

Cyber-attacks have become a major threat to many institutions and are one of the most prevalent types of crises in higher education. In order to mitigate such attacks, The Center for Rural Development is partnering with Volta to offer Managed Security Services.

The partners recently debuted their Managed Security Services when they participated in the CyberSecurity Summit hosted by Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). The event drew attention to rising cybersecurity concerns and was intended to help colleges better understand cyber threats and how to prevent them. Representatives from Volta led discussions about ransomware awareness and data analytics.

KCTCS is doing more than serving as a thought leader on the topic. They are also taking action to better defend their systems from cyber-attack by participating in the Managed Security Services offered by The Center and Volta. The service provides both the platform and skills to best defend institutions. It works by collecting logs of events and alarms generated by security controls, and then applies analytics to draw useful conclusions that often cannot be seen from a single vantage point. As part of the arrangement, KCTCS is also utilizing hosted infrastructure at The Center.

The Center’s Data Center is native to KentuckyWired and offers low latency access to the KentuckyWired network. This means that clients have access to a high-speed, high-capacity fiber network capable of handling real time security transactions. The partners then make things even easier for clients by providing IT support, cybersecurity and managed services.

Managed Security Services is just one of many technology focused initiatives supported by The Center. We are also working to offer internet service providers (ISPs) with access points to connect to the KentuckyWired middle-mile network and extend reliable high-speed, high-capacity internet throughout Southern and Eastern Kentucky.

Additionally, The Center has recently launched a Technology Assistance Program (TAP) to help communities begin asset mapping, perform feasibility studies, and conduct pre-engineering analyses of community fiber projects or other activities that will extend the reach of the KentuckyWired fiber infrastructure. The initiative is funded by a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission and is administered by The Center for Rural Development.

The Center is dedicated to helping communities explore ways to become “fiber ready”, in order to make reliable high-speed, high-capacity internet available to as many people as possible. The Center encourages communities and ISPs to work together and utilize TAP resources to plan last-mile services that originate at CenterLinks Access Nodes.

The Center also has information about local, state, and federal funds that support the initiative to bring broadband access to rural areas and will be hosting regional training sessions to help community leaders implement the last-mile.

More information about The Center’s technology initiatives can be found at Institutions seeking further information about Managed Security Services, communities interested in broadband training opportunities, and ISPs looking to learn more about accessing the KentuckyWired middle-mile through CenterLinks Access Nodes, are encouraged to contact Scott Surber, Broadband Technology Liaison, at or 606-677-6000.