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January 26, 2021

Art Exhibit by Sue Burkett

The next art exhibit at The Center for Rural Development features the artwork of contemporary artist Susan “Sue” Burkett.

The exhibit, Sue Burkett ART on Display, showcases some of her signature pieces of art highlighting bold colors, large shapes, patterns, and textures. The collection includes colorful images from scenes captured in and around her home in rural Kentucky.

“We are committed to supporting local and area artists and giving them a platform to exhibit their work,” said Laura Glover, Managing Director of Marketing and Events at The Center for Rural Development. “We invite the public to view the art exhibit and enjoy the wonderful artwork created by one of our hometown artists.”

There is no charge to attend the artist reception or view the exhibit open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and during extended evening hours and on weekends when The Center is open for public events.

Meet the Artist
A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Burkett earned a bachelor of fine arts from Ohio University before starting a long career as an art teacher.

She traveled the world with her three children and husband, Somerset native Barry Burkett, during his service with the U.S. Navy. Burkett has lived throughout the United States, and in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, and has visited too many countries to count.

Burkett’s art is influenced by her travels and life. She has a strong sense of line and uses bold colors, similar to western stained glass and Arabic tiling. Her primary medium is paint, but she does not limit her materials, incorporating office supplies and household items alongside traditional art supplies.

“Art is something I have always enjoyed doing and I’ve painted from grade school through today. I prefer to work from real plants and scenery to keep my drawings alive and dimensional. When I work from photographs, the drawings become flat. My work is contemporary, colorful, and fun.”

Take home a piece of art
Each piece in the Sue Burkett ART on Display exhibit is labeled and most are available for sale.

She also has included in the exhibit a group of artist collection mugs. The personalized coffee mugs — each with a different floral scene—are available for $20 each.

If interested in purchasing a piece of art in the exhibit, please call Debra Hines at 606-677-6000. For more information about the artist visit  

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