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September 25, 2022

All and Only Just About Teeth – A children’s Opera in One Act

September 26, 2017 @ 10:00 am

The Schmidt Opera Outreach Program is presenting the
production of “Just About Teeth” to elementary schools
and venues throughout the Commonwealth. It is a new,
original, interactive mini-musical that teaches while it
entertains created especially for PreK through 3rd grades,
but a good time for all. Facts, figures, and fantastic fun all
about the twenty little workers that give us beautiful smiles
and strong, healthy bodies: our teeth!

Just About Teeth is sponsored by Brandi Prather, D.M.D.
For more information and a copy of the Teacher’s Guide,
visit and click on Opera Outreach.

Download the Just About Teeth Study Guide.pdf

The 10 AM showing is by reservation request only or call 606-677-6000.

Curriculum Connections: Health Education, and Arts and Humanities

Kentucky Academic Standards – Health Education: PL-P-PW-U-1, PL-P-PW-U-2; PL-P-PW-U-5, PL-P-PW-U-6, PL-P-PW-S-PPH1, PL-P-PW-S-PPH2, PL-P-PW-S-PPH5, PL-P-PW-S-PPH6, PL-P-PW-S-SMEM-1.a, PL-P-PW-S-SMEM-1.g, PL-P-PW-S-DP-1, PL-P-PW-S-DP-2, PL-P-N-U-1, PL-P-N-U-2, PL-P-N-U-3, PL-P-N-S-6. Arts and Humanities: MU:Re7.2.K, MU:Re7.2.1, MU:Re7.2.2, MU:Re7.2.3, MU:Re8.1.K, MU:Re8.1.1, MU:Re8.1.2, MU:Re8.1.3, MU:Re9.1.K, MU:Re9.1.1, MU:Re9.1.2, MU:Re9.1.3, TH:Re8.1.K, TH:Re8.1.1, TH:Re8.1.2, TH:Re8.1.3, TH:Re9.1.K, TH:Re9.1.1, TH:Re9.1.2, TH:Re9.1.3, TH:Cn10.1.K, TH:Cn10.1.1, TH:Cn10.1.2, TH:Cn10.1.3, TH:Cn11.1.K, Th:Cn11.1.1, Th:Cn11.1.2, Th:Cn11.1.3,