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June 29, 2022

Free broadband business planning webinar (TENTATIVE)

October 27, 2015 all-day

As a long-time technology leader in Southern and Eastern Kentucky, The Center for Rural Development is proud to be a partner of the Kentucky Wired I-Way broadband network. The broadband project will begin in Eastern Kentucky and, over the next three years, will bring reliable, high-speed Internet to every county in the state.

Broadband Business Planning: Understanding the Broadband Market and How to Address It (TENTATIVE)
Tuesday, Oct. 27 (Time to Be Determined)
What are the demographic and resource values in your community and region that make it a valuable broadband market? How do you access community demand for specific broadband services and applications, and the actual availability of broadband services to meet that demand?

This webinar will simplify the seemingly complex broadband business planning process and will provide a clear path on how to understand your local broadband market and how to utilize it to meet local needs.

To help communities and providers prepare, the Finance and Administration Cabinet has contracted with CTC Technology and Energy to offer a series of free webinars. CTC has also created guidebooks and other materials that you can download from  We encourage you to participate in as many of the webinars as possible.

If you plan to participate, send an email in advance to:

Cheryl L. Johnson,Senior Analyst
CTC Technology & Energy
[email protected]

In the “subject line” please put “name and date” of the webinar(s).  Cheryl will then send you a follow up email with registration information.

The KentuckyWired infrastructure project is unlike any other seen in Kentucky in the last 50 years. Broadband, now considered an essential utility service, will leapfrog Kentucky’s dismal connectivity and slow speeds to some of the fastest and highest capacity service in the U.S. – all with the potential to lower consumer costs and improve cell phone coverage as well. Get your community ready!

If you have questions, please call 502-782-9549, email [email protected] or visit