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September 25, 2022

My Father’s Dragon

November 10, 2017 @ 10:00 am
The Center

My Father's Dragon

My Father’s Dragon

School Time Audience:  Grades K–5
Public Audience:  All ages

Friday, November 10, 2017—10:00 a.m. & 12:00 noon

When nine-year old Elmer Elevator hears about a baby dragon that is held captive by the ferocious animals of Wild Island, he sets off on an adventure to rescue the dragon and return him home. With the help of his friend the Alley Cat, Elmer packs everything he thinks he’ll need – including chewing gum, two dozen lollipops, seven hair ribbons and a box of rubber bands! With pluck and ingenuity Elmer makes his way to the Island, outwits the wild animals and saves Boris the dragon. But can they find their way back home? With talking animals, a daring rescue, a flying dragon, buried treasure and lots of humor throughout, this fabulous adventure is brought to the stage using puppets, masks, inventive scenic effects and original music.

Curriculum Connections:  Literature, Visual Arts & Drawing, Performing Arts, Language, Reading, Creative Writing, Storytelling.

Core Content for Assessment & Common Core State Standards:  DA:Cr3.1kA,DA:Cr4.1kA,DA:Re8.1.2, MA:Re7.1.k, MA:Re7.1.1, MA:Re7.1.2, MA:Re7.1.3, MA:Re7.1.4, MU:Re7.2.K, MU:Re7.2.1,MU:Re7.2.2,MU:Re7.2.3, MU:Re7.2.4, MU: Re9.1.K,MU: Re9.1.1, MU: Re9.1.2, MU: Re9.1.3, TH:Cr1.1.K,  TH:Cr1.1.1, TH:Cr1.1.2,  TH:Cr1.1.3,   TH:Re8.1.K, TH:Re8.1.1, TH:Re8.1.2, TH:Re8.1.3,  TH:Cn10.1.K, TH:Cn10.1.1, TH:Cn10.1.2, TH:Cn10.1.3, TH:Cn11.2.K.


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