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October 2, 2022

Visual Art

The Center for Rural Development is proud to showcase the talents of professional and aspiring artists in our visual arts gallery.

We also host artist receptions where the community can meet the artist whose work is on display at The Center.

The Center has hosted the work of both amateur and professional artists in the visual arts gallery and is constantly looking for ways to engage young students in the visual arts.

Wildlife and Landscape Exhibit

Through Nov. 1, we will be exhibiting artwork by wildlife artist James “Jay” Perkins and landscape artist David Coffey. The collection features oil and acrylic paintings by these two artists and close friends from neighboring Wayne County.

Wildlife artist Jay Perkins and Red Fox

Jay Perkins
Jay has a great love for nature and all wildlife in the world. “When I paint wildlife, the whole world is my canvas. I strive for accuracy and details in each of my paintings.”

He typically spends hours, and in some cases months, on a single oil painting perfecting every detail, down to the last leaf or grain of sand, and making sure his wildlife captured in his work is portrayed in its natural habitat.

Landscape artist David Coffey and Below the Mill

David Coffey

David finds beauty in everything around him. He started painting a few years ago and discovered he had a talent for painting Kentucky landscapes.

“I have always felt a painting is like a photograph, only done by hand. With either a paintbrush or camera lens, the artist is making the same feeble effort to capture God’s mastery that surrounds us.

Stop by and view the exhibit
There is no charge to view the exhibit. The artwork may be viewed from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and during extended evening and weekend hours when the facility is open for public events




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