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Floyd County Community Impact

Arts & Culture

2006-07 Arts Education Programs
W.D. Osborne Elementary – Lexington Children’s Theatre (Rikki Tikki Tavi)
370 students in attendance

2007-08 Arts Education Programs
W.D. Osborne Elementary – Lexington Children’s Theatre (Pecos Bill and Sluefoot Sue), 320 students in attendance

2009 Arts Education Program
W.D. Osborne Elementary School – Kentucky Chautauqua Presentation (Mary Owens), 97 students in attendance
James A. Duff Elementary School – Kentucky Chautauqua Presentation (Mary Owens), 146 students in attendance

Kentucky Appalachian Craft Council Member
Ruth Ann Iwanski (David Appalachian Crafts)

2007 Kentucky Appalachian Craft Fair Exhibitors
Ruth Ann Iwanski – David Appalachian Crafts

Public Safety

30 Mobile Data Computers installed
Total Dollars invested- $821,701


Developing and Implementing Community Strategies Program
2010 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) mini-grant
City of Prestonsburg – $8,000 (to develop a comprehensive plan for the City of Prestonsburg; hire a professional consultant to help with development of that plan; and develop website design and layout)
Floyd County Fiscal Court – $10,000 (to develop a recreational master plan that will result in the coordinated development of properties across the county)

2011 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) mini-grant
City of Wayland – $6,000 (to develop a strategic plan, which will focus on tourism growth, local history, and improving health and wellness)

2012 Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) mini-grant
Big Sandy Area Development District – $8,000 (to hire a consultant to design and plan consistent signage for the “water trail,” which runs from the Pike/Floyd County line to Johnson/Lawrence County line)

City of Wayland – $5,000 (to develop a city website that will serve a dual role as a resource for residents and a means to promote the City of Wayland’s community assets)

2011 Forward in the Fifth Local Educational Affiliate Program (LEAP)
$3,000 grant – Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC), serving Floyd and Johnson counties, “Bridging the Culture Chasm”  In this project, BSCTC will provide professional development for educators in Floyd and Johnson counties on barriers to learning for low-income students and engagement strategies to promote secondary- and post-secondary education.

30 grants totaling $ 259,201 were awarded to the following companies:
Highlands Regional Medical Center
AEP Kentucky Coal, LLC
Coalfields Telephone Co
Mountain Comprehensive Care
Consolidated Health Systems, Inc
World-Wide Equipment
Central Appalachia Mining
Big Sandy Health Care, Inc
Inter-Mountain Cable
The Elkhorn Coal Company
World-Wide Equipment
Gearheart Communications
First Commonwealth Bank

Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards (EIEA) program

2014 Award Recipient
Young Entrepreneur
Shane Hamilton, Owner, Service Maids, LLC, Garrett, KY

Rogers Scholars

1999 – Thomas Greene
2001 – Shane Allen
2002 – Shawna Peters
2003 – Tabatha Tackett
2004 – Kimberly Williams
2005 – Tera Addis
2006 – Zachary Hamilton
2007 – Margo Hunt
2009 – Kaitlyn Minix
2010 – Josh Akers
2011 – Tori Nairn
2012 – Joslyn Isaac
2013 – Subhash Gutti
2014 – Jared “Tate” Greene
2015 – Hannah Depoy
2016 – Shawna Holbrook
2017 – Cole DeRossett, Matt Tackett, Jacob Triplett
2018 – Chad Bates
2019 – Jhaughanessy Morris
2020 – Cameron Morrison

Rogers Explorers

2010 – Joslyn Isaac
2011 – Thomas Case, Tyler Price,
2012 – Tyra Nairn, Jordan Peck, Tate Greene
2013 – Byron Cox, Logan Mullins
2014 – Rachel Greene, Madison Turner, Shawna Holbrook
2015 – Cole DeRossett, Taylor Stumbo, Robert Matthew “Matt” Tackett
2016 – Chad Bales, Kelli Thomas, Kamryn Webb, Logan Turner
2017 – Jacob Martin, Katie Jo Moore, Kade Scott, Emily Conn, Jhaughanessy Morris
2018 – Brandon Akers, Madison Thornsberry, Cameron Morrison, Logan Morrison, Tanner Morrison, Kamryn Shannon, Amelia Wallace, Chelsea Reynolds
2019 – Alex Begley, Jayla Little, Hailey Little, Maddox Parsons
2020 – Taylor Allen, Audrey Bays, Riley-Jo Compton, Teresa Johnson, Laci O-Quinn, Todd Prater, Emily Spears

Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute

2007 – Zachary Hamilton, Ashley Prater
2008 – Brittany Springer, Corey Paige
2011 – Joslyn Isaacs
2013 – Autumn Hall
2015 – Shawna Holbrook
2019 – Maddie Duff
2020 – Tanner Morrison, Logan Morrison


CenterNET2 (Location / Contact)
Prestonsburg Community College/John Dove (606) 886-7360