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July 7, 2022

TranspARTation Grant program

The Center for Rural Development would like to let you know of a grant opportunity for yourschool district!

The TranspARTation Grant from the Kentucky Arts Council has selected The Center for Rural Development as part of the TranspARTation Directory.  This is a  grant program that enables Kentucky teachers and schools to provide their students with high quality arts experiences by funding transportation to programs provided by organizations listed in the TranspARTation directory.  Schools may apply for a grant based on the mileage from their building to the facility and the number of buses necessary.  This grant is a reimbursement program.  Approved awards will not be paid until the field trip has been completed and the final report has been submitted.  The TranspARTation grant deadline is August 30, 2019.  Here is the link

This is a great opportunity for your school district, as funding and budgets are always a concern when securing school outings.

Here is some information that you will need for the application:

  • What organization are you planning to visit?  Lake Cumberland Performing Arts at The Center for Rural Development
  • What is the address of the venue?  2292 South Hwy 27 Somerset KY 42501
  • What is the name of the activity you will attend?
  • What is the date of the proposed field trip?

Here is a list of our upcoming School Time Theatre Shows for the 2019-20 season:

Little Red and The Big Bully Wolf               Sept. 27, 2019                    10 AM, 12 PM    K-3

The Wizard of Oz                                              Nov. 8, 2019                       10 AM, 12 PM    K-6

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas            Dec. 2, 2019                        10 AM, 12 PM    K-3

Peter Pan                                                            Feb. 6, 2020                        10 AM, 12 PM    K-6

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure  Mar. 27, 2020                     10 AM, 12 PM    K-6

Our School Time Theatre registration form on our website ( is now available.  You will need to fill out the registration form for the performance of your choice, as well as the TranspARTation Grant.

Don’t wait to register for the TranspARTation, you can do that today through August 30, 2019.

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