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287 by 287 IPS graphicAre you aware that the Institute for Preventive Strategies (IPS) is a terrorist prevention program of The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC)? 

The RDPC course, PER 281-W – Homeland Security Terrorism Prevention Certificate for Law Enforcement Professionals, was created and is operated by IPS. IPS also has a Fire Service Professionals Terrorism Prevention course and other useful tools for first responders, including the Prevention Primer and Open Source Daily Briefs (OSDBs). 

OSDBs are created daily in an effort to provide a summary of news stories that may be relevant to terrorism prevention strategies for first responders.

Previously, OSDBs were distributed through an email sent to email subscribers daily and posted to the IPS website.  Moving forward, OSDBs will be sent as a link to a relevant article on IPS’s Twitter feed daily, and a summary email will be sent to subscribers on Friday of each week with links to the articles.

IPS feels this approach will help stimulate social media presence and attract a larger audience for OSDBs as well as prospective students for the law enforcement and fire service professionals’ terrorism prevention courses. 

To learn more about IPS and the courses and resources that are available,  visit or call 800-860-6657.  If you would like to receive a weekly email with links to the OSDBs, please subscribe at  IPS would also like to encourage you to follow on Twitter and Facebook.

The IPS is a program of the RDPC.  If you would like to learn more about the RDPC or schedule training, visit or email The RDPC help desk is also available 24/7 at (877) 855-7372.  Training is provided tuition-free for qualifying individuals.