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Broadband grapic

   Take this survey to let your voice be heard and help

ensure broadband access in Kentucky.

The Center for Rural Development would like to encourage your participation in a survey that will identify broadband needs in the state. The identification of internet services and its available speeds will help the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in their efforts to map broadband deployment, rates of actual transmission speeds and further identify areas of unmet need on a state and national level.

As you may know, The Center strongly promotes the deployment and use of technology, and especially high speed internet, within our service area. We believe that assisting the Commonwealth Office of Broadband Outreach and Development in gathering this data will go a long way in helping us acquire broadband speed levels comparable to or better than those in other regions of the country. Expanding broadband access may provide substantial benefits for our communities in areas such as education and training, healthcare and economic development.

That’s why we’re asking for your help in completing an online survey for the Broadband Kentucky Initiative. When you complete the survey, you also will be asked to complete a Speed Test, which will populate the results into the survey for you.

You can view the results of the Kentucky Broadband Initiative from the OBOD website at or at the National level at

The Center appreciates your time and assistance in completing the survey. Your response will help ensure we have the best information available to support Kentucky’s future broadband needs.