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The Center for Rural Development serves as your business or organization’s gateway to world-class communication and collaboration. Through our Technology Focus Area, The Center can provide you unprecedented access and connectivity that can position you at the top of today’s high-tech marketplace.

Our Business Services can be your one-stop shop to link you to your customers and colleagues. We can connect you via live videoconferencing through our award-winning CenterNET2 network, as well as through Web and graphic design and Website hosting. We can spread your message with professional video productions filmed on location or in our full-service studio, as well as multimedia streaming online presentations that combine video and digital material, and podcasting and webcasting. We can save you thousands in printing costs with our 3D virtual publications service, which gives you the ability to send promotional or informational magazines and documents across the globe with the click of a button.

We can also develop creative learning solutions for educational institutions through our Courseware Management Systems (CMS), featuring a statewide KYPEN connection that allows education professionals and students to communicate over multiple platforms. We can host all content and data at our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), with 24/7, year-round Help Desk support and on-demand professional Information Technology support.

We pride ourselves on saying “we can.” When it comes to your business, educational institution, or organization’s connectivity, let The Center show you that you can, too.