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EKU President Dr. Doug Whitlock addresses 2011 Rogers Scholars

By July 15, 2011No Comments
EKU President Dr Whitlock addresses 2011 Rogers Scholars

EKU President Dr Whitlock addresses 2011 Rogers Scholars

Eastern Kentucky University President Dr. Doug Whitlock challenged Rogers Scholars on Thursday to be a leader in their home communities and across the region.

“Everyone is a leader whether he or she wants to be or not,” Whitlock told the second class of 2011 Rogers Scholars. “Everyone is being watched by someone.”

Whitlock, now serving his 11th year as president of EKU in Richmond, shared with Rogers Scholars a few simple tips on how to be an effective leader.

In one of his references to a five-point short course on leadership, Whitlock said a good leader does not waste time fighting a losing battle or one that is already won.

Whitlock referred to a line in legendary country music artist Kenny Rogers’ 1978 blockbuster hit, “The Gambler,” saying “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”

If you don’t know who Kenny Rogers is, Whitlock jokingly quipped, “Ask your parents” or “google his name on the Internet.”

Scholars will finish their work in their declared majors on Friday and get ready for the awards ceremony and graduation program, beginning at 7 p.m., in the theatre at The Center for Rural Development.

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