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As Rogers Scholars work on their career majors, one Scholar is planning to put his video production skills to work after he returns to Morgan County.

Chase Turner, a member of the video production team, is thinking about videotaping highlights from this season’s upcoming Morgan County “Cougars” football games.

“Rogers Scholars has helped me further my knowledge in video production,” said Chase, a junior at Morgan County High School. “I’ve had some experience with editing videos and producing videos, but I have learned a lot this week about staging and lighting.”

Turner is hoping he can use the video production project to raise funds to help rebuild the school’s football facility destroyed earlier this year by a devastating tornado that swept through the town of West Liberty.

The tornado leveled the locker rooms and took out newly installed seats in the press box, he said.

During the week, Rogers Scholars like Turner receive hands-on instruction in one of three career majors: video production, healthcare, and engineering.

“I really had no idea how many career opportunities are available in the field of engineering,” said Colby Creech, a junior at Wolfe County High School. “I’ve discovered I have a real interest in chemical engineering.”

Rogers Scholar Brittany Pittman of Pulaski County also is exploring her career options in the healthcare field.

“We got to dissect a pig’s heart and it got me to thinking about becoming a surgeon,” said Pittman, a member of the healthcare team. “That was really cool!”

Each group of Rogers Scholars in the three declared majors will give a short presentation on what they have learned during the week at Friday night’s graduation program in The Center’s theatre.

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