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The following courses make up a list of courses currently in the NISP catalogue. Several of the courses are tailored specifically for intelligence analysts, but each is available to all emergency responders and law enforcement officials.

Alternative Futures Analysis: In this course, participants will learn a technique used by strategic analysts and planners to develop and explore how the future may unfold and the signposts to monitor. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Register Online

Analysis of Competing Hypotheses: Participants in this course will learn how to use a model for thinking about complex problems, when the information available regarding those problems is incomplete or ambiguous: a common situation in intelligence analysis. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Register Online

Decision Trees: The Decision Trees course will help law enforcement officers learn how to use decision trees, which present a visual algorithm of the possible options and consequences that a decision maker may encounter in the process of achieving a goal. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Register Online

Path to Violence: Participants will learn how to use the “Path to Violence,” an analytical tool designed to determine the likelihood that a group or individual will use international violence to achieve its goal. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Register Online

Quantitative Analytic Techniques (Coming Soon): Law enforcement officers will learn how to apply math to typical problems encountered by intelligence analysts. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Click here for more information

Structured Comparison (Coming Soon): Law enforcement officers will learn a systematic approach to comparing things such as threats, targets, locations, etc., in order to prioritize them in a rational, objective, and transparent manner. [Intelligence Analysts curriculum.] Click here for more information

Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparation and Prevention-Law Enforcement (TAPP-LE): This course will enhance the ability of civilian and military law enforcement personnel to actively participate in, lead, and manage all hazard prevention and mitigation activities.
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The National Institute for Strategic Preparedness is a joint effort between The Center for Rural Development and Teleologic Learning Company. For further information about NISP, or any of its courses, please visit or call the NISP toll free at 1-855-511-NISP (6477).