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Center staff attends 2018 Fiber Connect conference

By June 19, 2018No Comments

Lonnie Lawson, President & CEO at The Center


The Center for Rural Development recently attended the 2018 Fiber Connect conference hosted by the Fiber Broadband Association in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference amassed industry leaders from across the United States and the world to share ideas, skills and resources. The conference was an important opportunity as The Center stands poised as the leadership organization providing education and information regarding broadband projects in Southern and Eastern Kentucky.

“The Fiber Connect conference was the perfect circumstance for The Center to grow our knowledge-base and make fruitful new networking connections,” said Larry Combs, Broadband Implementation Manager at The Center. The conference explored a variety of topics directly related to the deployment of fiber broadband in rural areas. Topics included but were not limited to fiber network design, funding and ROI, lessons learned from pioneers, electric coops, municipality involvement, open access networks and challenges/economic impacts.

“It is clear that rural areas across the nation are looking to fiber broadband as a lifeline for economic development. This conference is just one of many ways The Center is developing a resource repository to help our local communities thrive. Access to high-capacity, high-speed broadband is a necessity,” said Lonnie Lawson, President & CEO at The Center.