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See the boldly vibrant portraits painted by local Somerset artist: Drue Winsett on display now at The Center for Rural Development Gallery Hall. This exhibit features 13 uniquely alla prima painted portraits featuring elegant ballerinas, dynamic racing horse-scapes, and vivid depictions of life. This Exhibition will run from January 1st until February 29th.

A special reception will be held on Saturday, January 6th beginning at 5 PM where guests can meet with the artist and gain insight into the inspiration behind each masterpiece.

Born in Adrian, Michigan, Drue Winsett’s artistic journey was sparked by the creative flair of his mother, an accomplished painter who instilled him with a keen appreciation for the expressive power of art. Yet, it wasn’t until his thirties that Drue began experimenting with painting, taking the reins from his mother’s legacy and adding his own unique twist to the world of art.

Growing up, Drue was not only passionate about visual art but also found joy in music, playing the guitar and eventually engaging in a vibrant music career. At the tender age of eighteen, Drue’s life took a turn as he enlisted in the Army. This detour took him away from his artistic pursuits, but it would turn out to be a temporary hiatus, and art would eventually reclaim its place in his life.

Following his stint in the Army, Drue embarked on a series of jobs until he found his calling in the dynamic world of printing. From working a printing press to mastering pre-press operation, he added another layer of artistic skill and technique to his growing portfolio. Yet his heart’s passion lay in painting, which he returned to later in life, motivated by his unwavering commitment to his art and the echo of his mother’s influence.

Drue Winsett is a largely self-taught artist. A few drawing classes at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, contributed to his foundational skills, but his technique, developed over countless hours of independent study and practice, is entirely his own. His style is bold and vibrant, characterized by his choice of subjects that depict action and movement. His portraits stand separate from this trend, demonstrating his diversity and versatility as an artist.

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